Friday, March 11, 2016

7DRL Home Stretch!

The 7DRL Challenge (warning: server under heavy load right now!), a week-long orgy of coding and caffeine in which a multitude of devs both experiences and newbie try to write a playable roguelike game, is in its last day.  It is, in my opinion, both the most wonderful and Quixotic "game jam" around.

Some years ago I wrote up every finishing game they made one year.  (Those columns are not in the book, sadly -- too ephemeral.)  I sometimes contemplate doing it again, but then the rational part of my brain says get real -- it took me four whole columns to do it the first time, taking me a couple of months, and there's far more people involved these days.  But a few outstanding games, or at least seeds for games, inevitably appear each year, and it's always a good idea to watch for whatever Jeff Lait or Darren Grey make.  I'll probably do a highlights column.