Saturday, December 17, 2016

Zelda Randomizer set to stream at 2 PM Eastern

Aiming to stream an unseen Zelda Randomizer game (barring technical difficulties) today at 2 PM Eastern, at

Friday, December 16, 2016

Stuff concerning @Play, Zelda Randomizer and other things

Hey all!  I feel that I'm starting to build up a list of new topics to discuss, so expect blog resumption soon!

On that note, tomorrow (Saturday) I am going to stream a never-seen-before play of a Zelda Randomizer game.  All the dungeons in different places, the rooms scrambled, the items placed who-knows-where, possible Patra in the first dungeon, and so on.  I will post details, including Twitch channel, when it's ready to go.  (Zelda Randomizer is the thing I wrote about for the @Play book, which got republished on Kotaku a few months ago.)

Speaking of which... I've been wondering if it might be a fun activity to use duplicate Zelda Randomizer games to have multiple people playing, not as a race as is sometimes done over at Speed Runs Live, but as a kind of cooperative thing, where players comment in a chat room about their discoveries and help each other get through the game.  Hmm....

In other news, I'm considering writing another book, although shorter and cheaper, about the stories behind some of the known glitches and odd behaviors of a variety of games.  For example, it's a generally known trick among classic arcade fans that if you wait long enough on the first level the bugs stop shooting at you, and then never shoot for the rest of the game, but the website Computer Archeology discovered why it happens.  I've collected a large number of these odd facts.  Once in a while I post one of them to a website (usually Metafilter), and when I do there's about a 10% chance a big site picks it up and makes a story out of it, such as when Press The Buttons reblogged my discovery of the secret behavior of the fishmen in the original Castlevania.  So I figure I might as well make a book out of 'em, heh.

News on the stream tomorrow....