Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Update: next column, StoryBundle results

Still working on the Quarries of Scred column.  It's an interesting game and I don't think I understand all of the elements in it yet.  I might post something else from the book in the meantime.  I'm also waiting to put up a fairly large interview with the Digital Eel guys, makers of the several wonderful Strange Adventures in Infinite Space games.  There's a fairly ridiculous article on those in the book by the way....

The StoryBundle succeeded very well, from what I told.  A total of $2592 was raised for the Prisoners Literature Project.  The bundle sold above-average for StoryBundle, I'm told.  The @Play book can still be purchased by itself from Amazon and itch.io.

I'm working towards getting it up in more places, but it turns out you can only direct-publish on Apple's iBooks if you have a recent Mac (Mavericks or later), or go through an aggregator!  And Google's Play bookstore is temporarily not accepting new submissions.


  1. Hi John, I just finished reading the collection (literally) and thought I'd take a moment to thank you for your @Play columns over the years. When I saw that there was an @Play collection in that story bundle, it was an instabuy for me. I really enjoyed reading through it and wanted to let you know. As a NetHack addict back in my university days (around '89/'90) an ST Rogue player, more-or-less current DF-er, etc., I've enjoyed these games for a long time. Reading your thoughts, observations, design notes, on the genre has been great.

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