Saturday, May 29, 2010

@Play 72: Review of Chocobo's Dungeon for Wii

@Play #72:

This is one of the most scathing things I've ever written. I played through seven or eight dungeons of this game in preparation for this article, and read through a FAQ on GameFAQs besides. I did not complete the game, which would have taken many hours and eroded my sanity even further.

The paragraphs on moogles are, if I say so myself, some quality, heartfelt bile.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

@Play 71: What randomization has to offer games

@Play #71

Hello blog. I can talk to you right?

I'm fairly unhappy with this column. A part of me considers some of it fairly nonsensical. I believe it all and stand by the idea, but to express what is a strongly-held belief like it were fact, I don't think that is what @Play should be.

I'm talking, specifically, about the games-as-art section, which seems to me like a version of one of my Metafilter comments. This is part of why it took over a month for this installment to go up. It was hard to write, and I even started over once, but after I had written so much of it it became something I had to go with just to finally be rid of it.

It's possible that people will accept it, maybe even like it, but I don't think I like it myself. I will say this however: it does I think explain why I can't bear to play many "modern" computer games. They are wed strongly to their storytelling, and more and more the kinds of stories they wish to tell make me nauseous.

Next time I should be able to field another review. Those are rather good topics at least. See you then.