Friday, April 24, 2015

Steam sale on roguelikes

Yes, still working on @Play 81, on Rogue's item ID system, which has been "almost finished" for a week now.  In the meantime....
Steam seems to be having a sale on roguelikes (or at least games that call themselves roguelikes) right now.  Of particular note, the amazing Spelunky is $3.74, and FTL is around $2.49.

From a glance, the more interesting games in the list (some I am collecting myself for later review) seem to be (I vouch for none of these, and lack of inclusion should not note lack of quality): Don't Starve, WazHack, OneWay Heroics, Legend of Dungeon, Risk of Rain, Paranautical Activity, Sunless Sea, Delver, Tower of Guns, Dungeonmans, Vertical Drop Heroes and Cargo Commander.

Weirdly, there's an item on Steam named "Vulture for NetHack," for $3, which seems like it might be a Steam port of the ancient (approaching a decade old by this point) Vulture's Eye version of NetHack.  This is odd because both Vulture's Eye and NetHack are open source.  The NetHack Wiki page on it notes that they plan to add SLASH'EM and SporkHack as "free DLC."

I am given to wonder what the DevTeam thinks of this.  They are quite serious about the openness of their game.


  1. They were many discussions about Vulture for NetHack in steam group of the game. Many law lessons were given these days. I, too, wonder what the devteam can think about it, maybe they'll show up one day.