Sunday, April 19, 2015


It's been through a couple of restarts and a refocusing, but it's finally approaching completion, @Play 81 is on the item identification system in Rogue, which I've always found one of its most fascinating elements, and yet is probably its least copied.

Something else--

Is anyone here familiar with the Japanese roguelike scene?  In addition to the Mystery Dungeon games, which I have to say, other than the genius of the original SNES and (to a slightly lesser extent) DS versions of the original Shiren, I mostly have been left cold by, I'm not hugely familiar with them.  I've heard that a Wizardry roguelike, "Wizrogue," is in the works, and of course there was Rogue Hearts Dungeon (an expansion of the original Rogue, I seem to remember), and other Mystery Dungeon games (including one on Etrian Odyssey) besides that for all I actually know could be brilliant.

I would greatly like to write on these games but the prospect of learning Japanese is only the beginning of the wall I'd have to scale, as the titles themselves, not to mention platforms, would also have to be obtained.  Is anyone else out there writing about Japanese market roguelike gaming on the internet?

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