Monday, September 20, 2010

@Play 74: The last time I swear

@Play 74

The second of the two posts about Mayflight is up on GameSetWatch.  I hope it hasn't seemed as obnoxiously self-promotional to you guys as it has to me.  Additionally, this one is more about implementation algorithms and my wanting to document them somewhere for possible later use than anything else.

I spent three and a half months working on the thing, to the exclusion of almost everything else, and I don't think it's really good enough for all the effort I put into it.  That is the great difficulty with the indie gaming sphere: you can work and work and work on something and still have it end up only so-so.

Next time, I absolutely swear, @Play will cover something else.  I'm gearing up to write about Dungeon Crawl's new alternate play mode, Dungeon Sprint, which is suitably infuriating.

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