Monday, March 2, 2015

Where we've been

I'm starting to work towards archiving and maybe making an ebook out of notable @Play columns.  Towards this end, and to help me avoid going over old ground too much, I've made a list of all 79 columns to date, which I present here.  On off weeks, I will also be republishing the best of the original run of @Play here.  Note though that there's no links yet, it took me long enough to build the list.  They're not too hard to find on GameSetWatch still.

001: An Introduction to some Rogue-s: Introduction to the genre & basics.
002: What the hell does Q do again?: Basic roguelike keys, basics of vi
003: Rogue and its inspiration: OD&D, AD&D, pen and paper random generation tables
004: Giant Eel Stories #1: Stories of NetHack ascensions form Usenet
005: Review: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue & Red (DS & GBA)
006: ToeJam & Earl: The Roguelike That's Not an RPG: On ToeJam & Earl (Sega Genesis)
007: Thou Art Early, But We'll Admit Thee: Ways to Die in NetHack
008: A View of the Field: The major roguelikes as of November 2006
009: Hack Hacks: Popular and interesting NetHack patches as of November 2006
010: A Coward Dies a Thousand Deaths, My Computer Several Billion: Automatic players Rog-O-Matic and Angband Borg
011: I Never Meta Rogue I Didn't Like: Metagame aspects of roguelikes, that is, aspects that persist outside the current game
012: Giant Eel Stories #2: More NetHack ascensions from Usenet
013: Mapping the Infinite Cavern: Dungeon generation in prominent roguelikes
014: ADOM, NetHack With a Goatee: Introduction to ADOM
015: Tips For Travel in Gridland: Basic roguelike tactics
016: Before Learning to Walk, One Must First Crawl: Introduction to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup as of March 2007 (the game has changed a lot since then)
017: I Believe It Not!: In-jokes of NetHack
018: Storytelling, Bah!: The limits of using games as a storytelling medium
019: Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom: Review of DoomRL
020: Hack's Lost Brother: Information on Amiga HackLite
021: Things to Do While Visiting Ancardia: Quests of ADOM
022: Spoiled for Options: The relationship between NetHack and spoilers
023: Architecture of the Mystery Dungeon: Introduction to Mystery Dungeon series
024: Taloon's Mystery Dungeon, in Great Detail: Playthrough of that game (Super Famicom fan translated)
025: A Journey to Table Mountain, Part 1: Shiren the Wanderer (Super Famicom fan translated) playthrough start
026: A Journey to Table Mountain, Part 2: Conclusion
027: Fei's Problems: Conquering Fei's Final Problem in Shiren the Wanderer
028: Balancing a Game That Looks Balanceless: Notable NetHack exploits
029: Review of Glenn Wichmann's Seven Day Quest
030: Introduction to POWDER (various)
031: Homebrew Roguelikes on the DS
032: A Quick Look at the NetHack Sources: Compiling NetHack for yourself
033: Introduction to Angband
034: NetHack Intensified: Introduction to SLASH'EM
035: The Delights of Mystery Dungeon: Getting started with Shiren the Wanderer DS
036: Introduction to Larn
037: Roguelikes & OD&D
038: Towards Building a Better Dungeon: Lacks in traditional roguelike gaming
039: Super-Rogue, Banished to the Deeper Regions: Introducing the Roguelike Restoration Project & Super-Rogue
040: Review: Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja (DS)
041: Brought to You Today by the Letter...: On the use of letters to represent monsters
042: Modeling Motion on a Dungeon Grid: On benefits and limitation of a grid-based universe
043: Eye of the Vulture: NetHack graphic variant Vulture's Eye
044: Introduction to Legerdemain
045: Review of Monstania (Super Famicom fan translated)
046: Ten Years of the devnull NetHack Tournament, Part 1
047: Ten Years of the devnull NetHack Tournament, Part 2: Interview with tournament maintainer Robin Bandy
048: Objects of Collection: Item types in classic roguelikes
049: Cause For Incursion: Review of Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King (using 3E AD&D rules), supplement on Vancian Magic
050: Spelunk, Spelunk, Spelunk: Review of Splunky Freeware, column retrospective
051: XRogue Has Not Yet Ceased to Be: Info on RRP games Advanced Rogue and XRogue
052: 2009 7DRL Winners, Part 1
053: 2009 7DRL Winners, Part 2
054: How to Win at NetHack
055: The Rights to Rogue: On untangling the ownership of Rogue
056: 2009 7DRL Winners, Part 3
057: Review of Fatal Labyrinth (Sega Genesis)
058: Introducing SporkHack and UnNetHack: On a couple of balance variants for NetHack
059: The Python Strikes!  You are Being Squeezed: On the uses and limits of Python as a roguelike dev language
060: Interview with Keith Burgun, designer of 100 Rogues
061: A Date with Asuka: on Dreamcast Mystery Dungeon
062: Potions and Scrolls: One-use magic items in Rogue
063: Dreamforge's Dungeon Hack (DOS)
064: The Berlin Interpretation
065: Crawlapalooza, Part 1: Skills and Advancement
066: (Crawlapalooza, Part 2) What's With All These Skills, Anyway?: Examing the skills themselves
067: (Crawlapalooza, Part 3) Beogh's Liturgical School for Orcs: role and race selection in Crawl (as of February 2010)
068: (Crawlapalooza, Part 4) Travel Functions & Play Aids: Special features of DCSS
069: Wii-ren the Wanderer: Review of Wii Shiren the Wanderer
070: Interview with Rodain "Nandrew" Joubert, creator of Desktop Dungeons Freeware
071: Purposes for Randomization in Game Design: On the rationale for randomizing game maps and other elements
072: Review: Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon (Wii)
073: Mayflight #1
074: Mayflight #2
075: Sprinting Rapidly Through the Dungeon: DCSS's Dungeon Sprint mode
076: Check and Made: On the idea of critical moments and the writer's First Law Of Roguelike Design
077: Eight Rules of Roguelike Design
078: Excerpts from a Roguelike Encyclopedia, Part 1
--- The great divide ---
079: The Re-return of ToeJam & Earl


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