Wednesday, February 18, 2015

@Play Resuming Soon

Everyone still reading this --

@Play will be resuming.  Repeat, @Play is resuming.  Update schedule and precise timing hasn't determined yet, but I'm thinking twice a month.

It's looking like I'm resuming the blog here, so if you're still following or have this in your RSS feed then you have nothing more to do.  However, if you're a publisher and want @Play on your site, please let me know at johnwh(at) and we can talk things over.

Even if no one bites, @Play will be resuming, here if not elsewhere.  If it does turn out to be elsewhere, then this blog will resume pointing to new columns as they appear.  I'll also be tweeting links to new columns: my Twitter handle is @rodneylives, but be warned I also tweet things that are of no relevance to roguelikes (I have an upsettingly large number of interests).  I'll also be using hashtag #atplay.  I may start a second account just for @Play notices, but am not yet sure what that entails.

I trailed off before because I was coming to suspect that I didn't have much more substantive to say, and so was coming to resort, more and more often, to filler.  But now I think I have more that I can usefully contribute.  The recent boom of games calling themselves roguelikes and quasi-roguelikes means I could probably sustain the column for a good while on the strength of reviews alone, but I've developed my opinions a little more on what makes the games fun, and of course there's at least one very nice newer "classic-style" roguelike out there now in the form of Brogue.  And of course, "roguelike" in its broadest sense is just a word that means a game presents interesting procedural content, and that's something more games are finding it useful to provide.

Anyway, please watch this space.

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