Saturday, February 13, 2010


Several times now I've gotten requests for a feed of just my @Play columns at GameSetWatch. I like GSW a lot, and the people who run it even more, but I can understand that some people might not be interested in some of their other articles. So I will be posting links to each column I write for GSW and Gamasutra here as it goes up. This includes the roguelike column @Play, the general game design column Pixel Journeys, the collection articles Game Design Essentials, and anything else I do for them and, maybe in the future, for other sites.

In summary: if you just want my stuff from GameSetWatch, subscribe to this blog's feed and all should be well. If you just want one of my columns I might make separate feeds available later, but I have to remember to make these posts as it is, there is no mechanism in place to update them automatically, so the more blogs of this type I make the more unwieldly it all gets. So, I dunno. We'll see.

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